Human Machine  Interface
Automotive embedded - SmartPhone - TabletPC - WebTV

// Skills

Consulting & Design

We support you in :
- Analysing the hardware and software approach of your products and understanding the underlying graphical opportunities and constraints
- Mediating interaction between graphic design, industrial design, ergonomics and engineering for nomadic and on-board software
- Technical supervision of your graphic design teams
- Creating in-house premium designs, animations, transitions and simulation tools
- Adaptation and technical formatting of your own designs  
Integration & Development

We deliver for you :
- Integration of the graphical elements needed for your HMI
- Developing tools that are compatible with your framework in order to maximise productivity and adjust to the evolution of graphics integration
- Linking the graphic design to the logic layer
- Developing export and linking tools between the Adobe Suite and your framework
- Project monitoring and quality control
- Generation of your graphic library deliverables
Graphic tools Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash


Integration qt or Unity3d